Youtube Roundup – 29th June: More Post E3 vibes

Another week, another quick roundup of some new videos I’ve been watching during the week. Here we go…

Did You Know Gaming – Playstation 3

Despite its few issues over the consoles lifespan, the Playstation 3 remains my choice of console from last generation. The guys over at DYKG let us in on a few fact we may have missed about the PS3.

Gametrailers – The Final Bossman E3 2015 vibes

E3 may be over for another year, but the coverage is still coming. I enjoy The Final Bossman’s rants, and here he takes us through the E3 booths to give us a look at the E3 a livestream can’t cover.

Metal Jesus Rocks – How important is Good Audio for gaming?

Another MJR video, but he is really good at imparting some great knowledge about game collecting and game room setups – as an audio producer myself, I value a decent audio setup for anything, including gaming.

Nintendo Collecting – Building the New Nintendo Room Update #9

Lithium is coming along well with building his Nintendo room – something I’d love to do when I get a place of my own. This will be a handy reference for when that time comes.

You Gotta Love The 80’s

Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling

Something a little bit pop for this week. An oldie but a goodie.

And that’s it for this week, I still have my PC build blog coming along, which will be up soon.


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