YouTube Roundup 21/6 – What I’ve been watching this week.

Time for this weeks quick round up of my favorite YouTube clips this week – some new, some old. Of course with all the E3 action most of my YouTube viewing has been tied up with press coverage, however a few favorites have been at work with some entertaining content.

Metal Jesus Rocks – PS2 Buying Guide & Best Games

MJR and his pal Kinzie give us a good rundown on getting started collecting for the PS2. A great intro video for those wanting to get into collecting for the system – some games in there I don’t have too.

Nintendo World Championships 2015

I mentioned this during the week, but here is the Championships in full – a really fun event, and I think Nintendo should look at doing this more than once a year.

Nintendo Collecting – Building The New Nintendo Room #8

Lithium has a great collection dedicated to Nintendo – and having recently moved, has taken the opportunity document setting up his new room.

TheEMUreview – Amiibo Hunters Episode 3

I haven’t yet ventured down the rabbit hole that is the Amiibo collecting train – but Jason Heine and his girlfriend sure have, and are hot on the trail of some new releases.

You Gotta Love The 80’s

This weeks 80’s track comes from Glasgow – “Alive and Kicking” from the Simple Minds. One of the better bands of the 80’s.


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