E3 2015 – Day 3 Australian Time – Uh, what was that Nintendo?

With yesterdays slew of fan-pleasing announcements from Sony and a solid conference from the likes of Microsoft, EA, Bethesda and Ubisoft, you would think the remaining players of today would be able to keep up such a hype-train momentum.

But day 3 of E3 felt like a massive comedown, almost like switching from a sports channel to the politics channel.

Let’s start with Nintendo who, after a promising start with the Nintendo World Championships looked to set the overall atmosphere Nintendo would bring to the event, delivered to us a digital event that overall was pretty mediocre. The show started with Nintendo figureheads Satoru Iwata, Reggie Fills-amie and Shigeru Miyamoto  shown as muppet characters, which was a cool concept, but not as funny as last years effort by the Robot Chicken guys. Nintendo started with their most anticipated game – Star Fox Zero for Wii U.

While I can’t say I’ve played previous Star Fox entries, this installment looked alright visually, but I’m not sure if I would be interested enough for it to hold my attention.

Skylanders SuperChargers was next, which seems to have joined up with Nintendo to bring out a few exclusive figures, Bowser and Donkey Kong, with the ability to interchange between being a Skylanders figure or an Amiibo. Should be interesting to see if any more are brought out.

While there was no news reguarding Zelda on the Wii U, we were shown a spin off of the Zelda franchise for the 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

Personally I’m interested in this one, some of the puzzle mechanics and multiplayer aspects look rather clever.

The trailers kept coming, and although there were a few promising ones, like Fire Emblem Fates, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, and Xenblade X (granted those are JRPG’s that, if I do pick them up, will probably never finish,) other announcements for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (although the other Animal Crossing for 3DS, Happy Home Designer, was a highlight) really left the overall digital event a tad disappointing for Nintendo fans.

The only real goal kicker for Nintendo seemed to be Super Mario Maker, with a release date set for the 11th of September. Having already given a good showcase of what the title can do at the NWC though, finishing with that one still left Nintendo with a spark, but not the sizzle.

Square Enix fared a little better with their conference, although it still lacked the atmospheric punch that covered the previous days round of press conferences.

Favorites such as Just Cause 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided were on board, and had some impressive moments.

A surprise came in the form of a new installment for Nier Next Project. One I’ll definitely be adding to the anticipated list.

I don’t know what it is with me and RPG’s – I love the look and style of a lot of them, especially the JRPG’s (being an Anime fan), I do find though I’ve rarely finished one. Still fun to play though.

My highlight from Square though would be more of a reveal with Kingdom Hearts 3.

The final show in the list of press events for E3 2015 was the PC Gaming Show. This was a great idea in principle, as PC often gets overlooked during E3 in favor of console hype, with the platform being tacked on as an after thought with most announcements. So a dedicated show seemed destined to excite PC fans.

If only it hadn’t been so, well, boring.

The host did his best, Sean “Day(9)” Plott, however only a few small announcements seem to be of any value within the sea of waffle. If it wasn’t the show sponsor AMD giving a 20 minute commercial for their new video cards (the omission of competitors Nvidia and Intel was more than noticed, and made it odd being a PC-centric event,) it was a host of developers and publishers coming out to say something that really could have been relegated to a quick web video on the show floor. And what was with that intro video?

A few announcements of note (that I could pick up anyway) is a new Starcraft expansion, Whispers of the void, a new dual-gpu card from AMD, and a new expansion for Guild Wars 2. I’ll be honest, though, it was rather hard to follow along without feeling like drifting off. Not something an E3 show should be doing. The absence of Valve (probably to avoid all the “Half Life 3” pestering) was also a glaring commission. The thing that makes events from that of Sony and Microsoft work is the thing of keeping it brief and tight – while some PC fans are probably into the absolute tech details, you can lose a general audience by wallowing in the details. I’d be surprised to see this part of E3 back next year.

So as the final day of press conferences wraps up, looking ahead towards 2015/2016 overall it is an exciting time to be a gamer. I think most developers have finally let go of the previous generation and embraced both the Xbox One and PS4. The quality of titles coming is astounding, and whatever your tastes may be, there is something for everyone.

As far as the Wii U is concerned I think there’ll be a few more releases, but I daresay Nintendo is quietly letting the console die down, as they turn their attention to the NX. I am looking forward to the Zelda installment that Nintendo assures us is still coming, plus Fatal Frame 5 is a must for me. But overall the Wii U is coming to the end of it’s cycle. Which is a shame, as it is a decent system. Nintendo fans will be hard to win back though – hopefully whatever the company has up it’s sleeve, it can win back the market.


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