E3 2015 – Day 2 Australian Time – Sony Press Conference to end them all

(Here is a collection of thoughts I had while watching the various press conferences today. Because I wasn’t that keen on rising from slumber at 2.30 in the morning (be honest, who is?), let’s pretend for this post’s sake I watched all conferences in order.)

So the Internet blew up today.

Day 1 (US time) of E3 began like any other E3…

There was Microsoft, all ready to start the day. “It’s all about the games, Brah” comes the catch cry from Phil Spencer. Well he wasn’t lying…There’s Halo 5: Guardians…one of their pillars of Xbox. A new IP, Recore…

Backwards Compatibility. Well there you go. Selected Xbox 360 games will be playable on Xbox One. Do we need to see gameplay as proof guys? Oh, to show off the Xbox One functions still usable with 360 titles. ‘I’ll see you on Xbox live…’ trust me, he rehearsed that line at least one hundred times…ok, customizable controller. Sleek stuff. Still, If I had the spare cash I’d be picking up an Xbox One at some point…especially with that Rare Replay collection reveal.

And Tomb Raider looks amazing too. Hopefully that makes its way to PC at least sooner, rather than later.

I admit, I am a bit impartial to Gears Of War as well, the forth installment looks a bit alright.

EA up next… a new Mass Effect game. That reminds me, I got the trilogy pack for PC as part of a EB Games mystery box a while back, I should crack it out.

Bit of a confession – not a big Star Wars fan. I can sit through the movies, but I’m not crazy about the franchise, a blasphemy against the geek community, I know. So I can’t really say that either Battlefront or The Old Republic expansion did that much for me. Use the sauce, Luke.

Unravel looks cutesy. Gotta hand it to the guy doing the preso – it must be nerve-racking to be up on stage in front of a packed theater and a internet crowd trying to sell such a unique new concept. But Unravel looks beautiful, and that piano soundtrack – makes you nearly shed a tear, man.

Freakin’ hell, EA…way to ruin a very humble atmosphere with “HIIIIGHWAYYY…TOOOO….THE….DANGERZONEEE!!”, that was like a scene straight out of Family Guy.

Okay, guess Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is on the way. Wish I was in the room so I could heckle ‘BRING BACK THE LITTLE WOOLLY GUY!!’.

This demo is dragging on a bit…

…seriously, that little woolly guy was cute.

…I bet they’ll make a fortune with the merchandising…

…whew, that’s over, what’s next EA? Yay, sport! Oh, sorry…*ahem*…SPORT, BRO.



I think I just spontaneously sprouted a beard from all that manly sporty action.

Time to hype the mobile market next. Such mobility! Such innovation! Such paywall!

(Gotta love those Minions though.)


(Let’s just skip the EA conference a little, shall we?)

Well there you go, Mirrors Edge, looks like a promising sequel.

OH GAWD, EA – MORE SPORT? (Skip a little further there….)

Again, not a big Star Wars fan, but if I was, I could see the appeal of Battlefront, featuring all the hallmarks of the Star Wars franchise, the gameplay looks a treat. The ability to play as either Rebels or the Imperials is cool.

You can fly an X wing! I know that’s gotta be a cool thing.

…Maybe I should get a bit more into the Star Wars universe…

…Wait, you can play as Luke Skywalker?

And that was EA, good to see an Aussie front an E3 conference, that’s gotta say something about the industry here in Australia.

Hey look, it’s Ubisoft, rolling out their 56th installments of Assassins Creed, Tom Clancy, and you bet your sweet awkward two left-footed arse we need another Just Dance…oh, a new South Park Game…that’s cool…

(I feel like an idiot – I tweeted one of the hosts of Good Game because I thought he said the name wrong – then I re-watched the trailer.)

On a serious note, I’m not a big Assassins Creed fan. I enjoyed the first one, and got halfway though the second before snapping my controller. It’s unfortunate that Ubisoft have chosen to roll out yearly installments of this franchise – I did enjoy the concept of the story from the earlier games, and would have rather have had some closure on that. My other issue is that I can’t stand stealth in games (especially when it’s forced upon you,) which I may elaborate on in a future post.

But anyway, onto Sony.

There had been a few leaks leading up to the Sony conference, however there were a few surprises up their sleeve that I don’t think anyone saw coming – three surprises, in fact.

First up was a game that many had considered delegated to development hell. The Last Guardian is famous for being follow up from the creators of two gems from the PS2 era, ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus. After many years of speculation, you can imagine the surprise of both the theater and the internet when The Last Guardian was revealed as Sony’s opening game.

Next was a visually stunning new IP in the form of Horizon: Zero Dawn, a post-apocalyptic world that’s a cross between The hunger Games and Terminator. 

A few new looks a some titles, including No Man’s Sky, Street Fighter 5, and a new IP called Dreams. We also got a look at a new installment of the Hitman franchise.

Surprise #2 – We were first teased with a trailer for a new Final Fantasy game, World of Final Fantasy…

It seemed like another case of trolling from Square Enix, but then the second trailer was revealed…

The long asked for remake of final Fantasy VII. Not just given a new paintjob and a audio remix, but a full blown re-do from the ground up.

Surprise #3 – Well, I’ll let the guys from Gametrailers do the reaction…

Shenmue 3 was announced as a kickstarter, and as at the time of writing, had surpassed it’s 2 million dollar goal.

And that was that. The internet blew up. Well, not really, there was further announcements of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, a trailer for Arkham Knight that’s out next week, and then Sony went out with Uncharted 4 gameplay.

But I think by that time Sony had given the gaming world a collective orgasm. The hype is real people, all you gotta do is believe.

Your move, Nintendo.


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