Youtube Roundup 13/06/15 – Did someone say Beer?

Here’s a new regular thing I’d like to do, I spend a fair chunk of my spare time nowadays on You Tube – not so much for the cat videos, but for the magnitude of talented creators and channels related to anything which may partake your interest, be it cooking or carpet cleaning.

Of course, a good chunk of these channels are dedicated to gaming, PC and tech. Sure, you have a megaton of Let’s Plays, Walkthrough’s and news updates from the likes of IGN and Gamespot, however there is an equal amount of other creative content such as documentaries, parodies, tech bloggers, and other talented content creators, many of whom are putting out material rivaling that of Network Television (admittedly, there’s also a lot of mediocre videos as well.)

So I’d like to share with you a small selection of You Tube gems I’ve come across during the week. Half of these videos will be regular channels I watch, while other videos will be something I’ve come across during the week that I loved or found funny, that may or may not have been already watched by half a million people two years ago. I won’t be doing viral or ‘compilation’ videos however – my picks will be more about shows and original, creative and informative content.

So enough rambling, here are this weeks picks.

Retro Liberty – The NES Pursuit – Episode 62

Love these guys – Shows like this and The Game Chasers have defined a new genre of ‘Retro Hunting’ – a reality TV style show based on mainstream A&E shows like ‘American Pickers’ and ‘Pawn Stars”, and have helped to bring Retro Gaming to a broader audience. Aaron and Ricky have been doing their thing for a good few years now, refining their craft with each episode.

Metal Jesus Rocks – Drinking Quest Party

While MJR usually imparts some great gaming knowledge such as hidden PS3 gems and making us all jealous of his insanely giant game room, he occasionally puts up the results of some great parties he’s had the pleasure of hosting that give off an incredibly fun vibe (look up his ‘I hate You’ videos.)

The Final Bossman – E3 Dos and Don’ts have recently started putting their regular scheduled content straight up on You Tube, instead of just up on their website. Here The Final Bossman gets us ready for E3 with a few tips for the publishers holding their press conference for the first time.

Brewing TV – Brewing with Wil Wheaton Part 1

I’ve become a bit of a fan of Wil Wheaton lately – everyones favorite geek, Wil not only produces content for Geek and Sundry, between regular appearances on “The Big Bang Theory” , writing his own books, lending his voice for numerous video games, and even creating his own Tabletop RPG, he even finds time to brew his own beer. Who says geeks don’t get outdoors?

You Gotta Love The 80’s

 This will be a weekly thing where I’ll leave a good 80’s track to go into the weekend – this week, one from Queen.

Have a good weekend – next week, I’ll have my PC Build that I did, plus some E3 updates.


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