Update on the game of life

I know, it’s been a few months since my last post. It’s been a very hectic start to the year – for one thing, I moved interstate.

Let’s go back to November – PAX Australia seems so long ago now, but it was a blast, and I managed to film a little bit, even if that footage looks a tad like the next installment of The Blair Witch Project. I put it up on You Tube a little while ago.

It’s not much, just a highlights video, hopefully I’ll get better with the filming and editing. PAX was possibly the best convention experience of 2014, although I did enjoy being on the crew for Supanova in Sydney and SMASH, and would recommend volunteering for those kinds of conventions – not just for the free entry, but the people you meet and that added bonus of checking out what goes on behind the scenes at such a big event as Supanova. EB Expo was a great experience, however, as with 2013, I find that you need a little more than one day with such a huge lineup that EB had.

Eh, what the heck – here are a few pics from PAX that I managed to snap…

The thing that I loved about PAX was it's vibe - it did it's best to make you feel that you were part of a bigger family.

The thing that I loved about PAX was it’s vibe – it did it’s best to make you feel that you were part of a bigger family.

The guys from Weird and Retro put together a great Retro Section.

The guys from Weird and Retro put together a great Retro Section. Also had the pleasure of meeting a few You Tubers, including Gregg from Arcade Impossible, and Wood and Chris from Beat ‘Em Ups.

The Indie section was huge!

The Indie section was huge!

You're not doing a con right if you don't get home with a sack full of flyers and cards.

You’re not doing a con right if you don’t get home with a sack full of flyers and cards.

I need to get better at photo taking, but I’m finding the Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t as good a camera as it paints itself out to be. Or maybe I just suck at Android devices.

As far as this year goes, things haven’t exactly gone as I would have liked. What started optimistic as a move to Melbourne for a new challenge has unraveled into a retreat back to my hometown of Bendigo to wait for the next gig in my main career. I guess though the spare time I have will be handy for working on my You Tube channel, as well as getting some of my backlog of games finished.


Speaking of gaming, in addition to finally picking up a PS4, the last few months I’ve been going through a few titles that I haven’t played before. I ended up building my main PC, which I’ll detail a bit more in another blog post, but my first game to break in the new machine was the Tomb Raider reboot, a game that I regrettably missed in it’s initial run. I’m actually think of doing a series of videos reviewing modern games that I missed playing when they first came out. Fallout 3 is another game I could do a review on, as I’ve recently decided to give it a good run due to the Fallout 4 announcement.


With E3 just around the corner, I’m hoping to cover that a little with a few posts on new announcements and the presentations from the big groups. I’m looking forward to seeing what both Bethesda and Square Enix bring to their presentations (hopefully news on Kingdom Hearts 3 from Square,) plus the Sony, Nintendo and the PC Gaming Show.

In the Retro department, while since moving to Melbourne I’ve been busy, I have spent a few weekends combing a few retro hotspots, in particular the Coburg Trash and Treasure markets, where I managed to pick up the an original Xbox and a handful of games for $30. It is a bit hit and miss like anywhere else though – while a handful of Cash Converters I’ve visited have been full of some gems, the prices are equivalent to eBay. I also seem to not have as much luck with Garage Sales than other Retrophiles do.


I’m not sure if I’ve touched on this, but mid last year I decided to try the trading card game Magic The Gathering and, although mostly loosing every match I’ve played so far, I did start to get the general idea of it. It is rather a black hole where money goes – in the short time I played last  year, I’ve amassed a few hundred cards. Unfortunately as I’ve been busy since getting to Melbourne I haven’t been able to get back to playing. As such I’ve promptly forgotten a chunk of how it works, however I want to get back into it, and we may even see a few MTG posts in time.

While my You Tube channel is a little in the wilderness right now, however I wish to get back to creating something new – possibly a mixture of retro gaming, modern gaming, and some PC/Tech coverage. I’m thinking the presentation will be a mix of vlog-style videos, while some will be put together in a more ‘documentary’ format. I’m also considering starting from scratch – mainly due to the fact Google won’t let you change the URL, so I’m stuck with a username I came up with several years ago that has nothing to do with my channel. It’s a tad frustrating as – although I only have 10 subscribers – I’ve built up subscriptions and a profile, having to start from scratch on a new channel because of a URL I’m unable to change is rather frustrating. I have been finding a few new channels to watch though such as Geek and Sundry, as well as enjoying the ones I’ve been a subscriber of for a while like Metal Jesus – I think I’ll cobble these together in a regular weekly post. Might make it a weekend thing.

That’s all for now, but to finish up I’d like to set up some routine for this blog, and hopefully incorporate the You Tube channel on an alternate night. Like I mentioned, I’d like to do a bit of a You Tube roundup, most likely on a Saturday afternoon Melbourne time. I’d like to have a main post up on a Monday night. Of course, with E3 coming up, and an extra bit of time on my hands, we might see a few more regular posts from now on. (I kind of feel if I write it, it will be law.) So stay tuned!


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