My new YouTube channel in the works, and it must be con season too…

Yes, I know, it’s been a few months between posts.

But it is coming up to the Convention season. For Sydney anyway – I know the Gold Coast and Melbourne Supernovas have already kicked off, plus Oz Comic Con in a few states already. But Sydney has been a little dry in the convention department. So thought I’d round up a few events coming up in the surrounding areas.

First up – The scenic seaside town of Wollongong has their second annual Comic Gong – 17th of May at the Wollongong City Library. I may or may not be going for the Cosplay – featuring special guest Eve Beauregard, who does an awesome version of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

The Cosplay talents of Eve Beauregard.

Also in May – Worth a trip to Canberra is GAMMA.CON, also in their second year, the 24th of May at the Hellenic Club in Woden. I hear Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey may be in attendance cosplaying as Thor*.


* – Okay I made that up. He’ll be dressed as Spiderman.

Free Comic Book day is on the 3rd of May too, I’m planing on being in Sydney for something that day, so I hope to pass through a few shops including Kings Comics and Kinokuniya to check out the festivities. I hear there is also an afterparty on at Luna Park that evening.

And of course June 13-15 brings us Supernova, with comic legend Stan Lee as a special guest. Should be a cracking great weekend. I’m hoping to be in attendance this year as a volunteer, we shall see.

Oh, while I think of it – I also have a YouTube channel in the planning stages (planning as in trying to get the spare cash to get some decent equipment, and know what the hell I’m gonna talk about) – just under my name, I was going to do a playstation-focused one, but I’m starting to think that may be a bit limiting.

Some Gaming opinions, various news and the like will be on the way. Until then, happy gaming.





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