Just wanted to share this video, a Zelda fan has completed a speed run of Ocarina Of Time in front of a small crowd for charity.

In 22 minutes.

Personally it would probably take me more than 22 minutes to get past that stealth around the castle bit (not a big lover of stealth missions), let alone 22 minutes to get from the start of the game, bypass…oh…about 30 hours of game play at least, right up until the last strike of the master sword in the ruins of Ganon’s castle.

But this guys has worked hard to find and exploit every single glitch of the game, and manages to go from Farron Woods straight to the cutscene showing the fall of Ganon. Although, and no offense intended, I’m trying to decide if I should be impressed or worried about him. I mean, 13 years is a long time to be focused on one game.

Check out the video below.

You can read all about how he did it over at CVG.