Fez II cancelled after Twitter blowup

Fez 2 original3-640x360 Phil Fish is the creator of the hugely successful indie game Fez, a rather cute and sometimes challenging platformer done in the classic pixelated visual style. A trailer for the sequel, ‘Fez II,’ was unveiled recently at the E3 Expo. Fish was also one of the indie developers feature in the film ‘Indie Game – The Movie,’ a film which I’ve admittedly neglected to see (will be correcting that ASAP.) From what I understand Fish is also rather controversial in the public eye, being rather outspoken on Twitter. Overnight, game journalist Marcus Beer, who creates the popular Annoyed Gamer show on Gametrailers.com, took aim at a group of indie devs, including Phil Fish, in another Gametrailers show, Invisible Walls, branding Fish, among other things, a ‘hipster,’ and basically telling him to stop bitching so much. Unsurprisingly, this argument spewed out onto Twitter, some choice words were said (I won’t repeat them, but you can follow the story a bit more on Kotaku), before Fish finally snapped, set his Twitter account to private, and announced he was cancelling Fez II. This was followed by the same announcement from the games studio Polygon. I don’t like to take sides here, but it seems to me quite immature and very brash to cancel a game people have been looking forward to over a rather stupid twitter argument. Not to mention, assuming that Fish has people working with him on the next Fez game, such a snap decision to cancel a project that could affect other people working with you to help develop is just, well, plain selfish, to be blunt. Even if he is creating the sequel solo, it’s still very unfair to your fans to just pull the plug so prematurely. Still, I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the game (or of Fish, for that matter.) Maybe a developer can offer him a tidy sum for the rights. UPDATE: So apparently Phil Fish hasn’t just canned a game over a twitter outburst (whether or not people believe that is up to the individual,) but it was more of a general desire to leave the games industry due to abuse he has recieved. To be honest though, as with everything, one really needs to take the good with the bad.


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  1. Kandi · August 12, 2013

    What’s up, just wanted to mention, I liked this article. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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