SMASH! (or what do do when you’re up at 5AM)

It’s Anime Convention season! And as a warm up to heading back to Melbourne for Manifest in August, I’d thought I’d go check out the Sydney event SMASH! at the Sydney Convention Centre this past Saturday. My Mum was up last week visiting for my birthday (29 by the way) and was up at 5AM, so I figured I’d get up at the same time and catch the Train for some breakfast on Darling Harbor, a place I hadn’t been since I moved to New South Wales (even though I go to Sydney a lot.)

....8AM Saturday. Not many people about for a tourist hotspot. So much for Oprah's pope-like blessing.

After something light, I headed next door to join the line, which I’m glad I did, as it ended up out the door!


For me Anime Conventions present the best opportunity to splurge a bit on Anime-related goodies. But the events there are also great fun. It is a little irritating though that most conventions tend to put the AMV’s (Anime Music Videos) at the start of the day, when everyone is outside lining up. The cool thing about Anime is that within the hobby there’s like mini-hobbies (cosplay, models, AMV’s etc,) and for me one of my favourite ‘sub-hobbies’ is watching AMV’s. I’ve even made a few over the last few years, the hard part is finding the time to sit down and make one.

I managed to catch the first bit of the Eminence panel…which was surprisingly interesting as the CEO eplained about their business in Japan, which involves music production. He showed us some cool examples, plus a tease for an upcoming Anime that Eminence are providing the soundtrack for.

Traders Hall

The trader’s Hall had a pretty good layout and was a decent size, with the Artists alley off to one side. As I’m holding off for Manifest, I didn’t spend much, but I still managed to pick up a To Aru Majutsu No Index II mug, the latest issue of the Animavericks magazine, and the first season of Vampire Knight, a series I’ve been meaning to check out, and its already a favorite.

A Display from the Bandai Model Kit World Cup standPotential mascot for the blog....his only fee is a sixpack...

These are some pics I took from the Model Kit World Cup stand. Yes, there’s a world cup for gundam Model Kits…I wonder if it has running commentary?

I checked out the Japan Foundation panel, which was quite fun. Stuck around for the Madman panel afterwards, where some cool titles were announced – Baka and Test looks interesting, and the Trigun movie. Also some new releases coming out have piped my interest – of course K-On!, which I managed to pick up during the week on Blu-ray, but also Karin: Chibi Vampire, Gai-rei-zero, and Highschool of the Dead in August.

Also discovered something new – the fine work of Little Kuriboh. Good to see in this age of you tube where anyone with a crappy mic can create parodies, occasionally a few talented people stand out.

What would a blog post about an Anime convention be without some cosplay pics. I only managed to check out a few minutes of the cosplay in the main room, but there were some cool ones. Was hoping for some ‘Lightning’ cosplay from FFXIII, but hopefully in Melbourne…

On that note, I decided to head home. I regret that, as I would have like to stick around for the Eminence concert afterwards. Maybe it was just tiredness from being up so early. Hopefully they have a similar thing next year. Now for the next con…back to my favorite city of Melbourne for Manifest!


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